See others as God sees them

by allowing God's Word to define who others are.  Appearances can be misleading but it is the soul that's to be won.

Vision Statement


See God for who He is

by allowing God's Word to define Himself.  Jesus transcends beyond mans limitations, traditions and denominations.

Vision is much more than sight.  It is divine communication and guidance.  It is not just an opened eye, but it is the reading, understanding and application of the opened Bible.  True vision is the redemptive revelation that distinguishes an individuals existence from being one of life or death.  It is God revealing Himself to man so that we do not perish, but have life. This life is not a freedom from restraints; however it is a life that has restraints for freedom.  The keeping of God’s law rather than living lawless makes us blessed.


What is most important than seeing ourselves, others and our environment is to first “See God!”  Seeing God creates a platform from which our perception of life is transformed.  This vision enables us to open our minds to possibilities and potential.  Hopeless situations become hopeful, unbelievable task become achievable and the fearful become faithful.  Chaos comes to order and the lifeless become alive.  Seeing God permits ordinary people to become extraordinary leaders.  It restores outcasts and introduces new avenues and solutions.  Without vision, Christians experience an impotent newborn existence, but keeping God in sight infuses us with the power of purpose.  By allowing the Word of God to renew our minds, we go beyond viewing things the way that they are and are propelled to behold the exciting possibilities of the way things can be.


It is God’s given vision for this local church to cultivate and nurture the need to continually “See God!”  Through a ministry of excellence, we will thrive from the unlimited provision of God, having all that we need to accomplish God’s purpose.  We will rest in God’s immaculately prepared place of worship that is saturated with the atmosphere of praise and prayers from God’s people.  Through the teaching and preaching of the Holy Scriptures, all willing men will see life through God’s eyes and strive toward maturation of becoming like Jesus Christ. We will continue to walk in His presence by developing constant  communication through availing prayer and continual trust and obedience to His Word.  As we grow, we will exemplify a family of love and respect for God and one another. By means of the Holy Spirit,  every member will be fitly joined. And through the Holy Spirit’s many gifts,   christians will be willing and able to contribute towards the edifying of the body of Christ.  It is by the  filling of the Holy Spirit and his power and guidance that we will effectively evangelize and change individual lives, homes, communities, cities, nations and even the world.


See ourself the way God sees us

by allowing God's Word to define who we are in Christ.  Our identity is found in what we see or feel but what He says.

Our Motto: See God

8217 Jewella Ave.  |  Shreveport, LA 71108

If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.

-Proverbs 29:18 MSG

8217 Jewella Ave.  |  Shreveport, LA 71108